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From time to time, Mcafee error 12152 Windows 10 occurs while you are trying to install the McAfee anti-virus. The downloading process gets blocked and you are rendered helpless due to the 12152 Mcafee download error. Such Mcafee installation error 12152 is occurred due to corrupted files in the system or it may also be caused if Mcafee has been uninstalled with the other leftover files in the system. The Mcafee error 12152 becomes a mess when it literally freezes the system and causes the display screen to turn blue and forced shut-down is in order.

The possible reason that leads to the Mcafee problem code 12152 in the computer

In order to tackle the Mcafee error 12152 Windows 10, first, you have to identify the reason which has lead to this Mcafee 12152. As mentioned, entries of corrupted Windows files in the system can jeopardize the whole security installation and may lead to malfunctioning of your computer. Another possible reason that causes the error is when you don’t delete an application in the proper manner. If you uninstall some of the important software or hardware from the system, it will create a huge problem for you and the error may lead to corruption of other files, leaving your system unarmed, and not able to function in an accurate manner.

The step by step guide to fix the Mcafee code 12152 antivirus error On Windows 10

The most common troubleshooting plans are manual and automated solutions. To start with your manual solution for the Mcafee error 12152 Windows 10, follow the steps accordingly.

  • First, start your computer and go to the Administrator account to log in.
  • Press the “Start” option and as seen on the screen, search for the “All programs, accessories, system tools” icon.
  • When you press the icon, you will be taken to the next stage which is to select the “System Restore” button.
  • Next, go to the option of “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and proceed as directed in the Window.
  • The latest “System restore” will appear “On this list”. From the list, you have to select the “Restore point” option.
  • Press on the “Next” option and complete the confirmation process.
  • The final step is to restart your computer for the troubleshooting steps to work.

The automated solution is a much simpler one and to use this solution, you have to download the repair tool “McAfee Error 12152”. This tool will be the instrument to rectify the Mcafee error 12152 Windows 10. After installing the program, select the “Scan” option and continue to tap on the “ 
Mcafee Setup” option once the scanning is done. The final step is to reboot the PC so that you avoid any technical difficulty.

Watch And Fix Easily McAfee Antivirus 12152 issues on Window 10

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  1. In order to redeem McAfee antivirus product key that I received with my new laptop, I just logged on to and after following their activation process I was able to successfully install the antivirus

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