McAfee is an award-winning antivirus software program for your system, mobile phones, and other devices. It brings to you the power of VPN and ID theft protection at a very affordable cost; all packed in three different products designed for users around the world with different needs and wants. So the next time you try to access the McAfee Login page, bear in mind the fact that McAfee is a legacy built “around the idea of working together”. 

Here we bring to you a complete guide on the McAfee login procedure and other essentials. Let’ check out: 

McAfee Sign-Up Procedure: Quick Steps

To manage your McAfee antivirus subscriptions and services, you must have a McAfee account. If you have not registered yourself on McAfee yet, follow the steps mentioned below and create a McAfee account:

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  • Open McAfee’s official website. 
  • Hover over the ‘My Account’ tab and drop down its options. 
  • By clicking on the ‘Sign in’ tab, arrive on the McAfee Login page. 
  • Under the Email Address and Password tabs, click on the ‘Are you a New User?’ option to sign up.
  • On the next page, start the sign-up process by clicking on the ‘Register Now’ tab. 
  • Start with entering the required details as mentioned below: 
    • First and Last Name
    • The email address that you want to associate with the McAfee account
    • Password 
    • Re-enter Password 
  • When ‘Terms and Conditions’ pops on your screen, read it and click on ‘I Agree’. 
  • Open a new tab and log in to the email account that you mentioned in Step 6. 
  • Open the email message received from ‘McAfee’. There will be an option of ‘Verify’, click on it. 
  • At last, click on the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Create Account’ button.

After following the ten quick steps mentioned above, your McAfee account will be created successfully. Now, perform the McAfee Total Protection login steps and access your account conveniently. 

McAfee Login Procedure: Quick Steps 

Implement the below-mentioned instructions on your device and sign in to your McAfee account successfully. We have mentioned two possible ways to access the McAfee livesafe login screen. 

Login via a web browser

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  • Open an internet browser on your device and visit the login page. 
  • Hover over the upper-right corner of the screen and select the ‘Account’ tab. 
  • Choose the ‘My Account’ option from the ‘Account’ menu list.  
  • On this page, enter the McAfee login credentials that you set during the time of registration.   
    • Email Address – Email ID that is associated with McAfee 
    • Password – McAfee password for the above ID. 
  • If you want to be signed in through the same web browser on this device, mark the ‘Remember Me’ option.  
  • Scroll down the page and click on the ‘Login’ button to access your McAfee account.

Log-in via the McAfee Application

  • Start your mobile phone and launch the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store on it. 
  • Search for the McAfee program and choose the correct application from the search list. 
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button and select the ‘I Agree’ button when the ‘Terms and Conditions of McAfee application’ pop on your mobile phone.
  • Once the McAfee application is downloaded, click on the ‘Ok’ and ‘Install’ buttons one by one. 
  • Open the McAfee antivirus application and on the first screen, enter the following details: 
    1. Email Address 
    2. Password 
  • Hit the ‘Login’ button and access the McAfee account on your phone. 

Once you could successfully access the McAfee account login screen via browser or application, you can manage your subscriptions and make changes to it.  

Change McAfee Login Password: Quick Steps 

Changing the McAfee livesafe login password once in a few months helps secure your account. Here are the steps you must follow as per your device type to change it quickly: 

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At first, follow the first four steps as per your device type:

For Android Devices 

  • Head to the McAfee antivirus login page via a browser. 
  • Enter McAfee login email address and password in required tabs. 
  • Hit the ‘Login’ button to access your McAfee account. 
  • Navigate towards the ‘Settings’ tab and open it.

For iPhone Devices

  • Log in to your McAfee account using the home.McAfee.login URL. 
  • Choose ‘Preferences’ from the Account menu options. 
  • Click on the ‘My Factors’ tab and drop down its factors. 
  • Select the ‘Master Password’ option.

For PC or Laptops 

  • Access the McAfee Login page on your device.  
  • Hit on your ‘McAfee Name’ or choose the ‘Profile’ icon to open. 
  • Expand the options of ‘My McAfee account’. 
  • Choose the ‘Edit’ option. 

Now, the rest of the steps need to be followed. 

  • Choose the option of ‘Change Master Password’.
  • Provide the ‘Current Master Password’ that you used to log in to your McAfee account. 
  • Then, create a ‘New Master Password’ and confirm it by entering twice. 
  • Click on ‘Change Master Password’ and your password will be changed. 

After following the aforementioned steps thoroughly, your McAfee login password will be changed. You must update your new password on all devices that you usually use. Otherwise, you will face McAfee account login issues. 

Purchase McAfee Subscriptions: Quick Steps  

Purchase the most suitable McAfee subscription and secure all your crucial personal details stored on your device. The required steps are mentioned below: 

Note: To purchase any McAfee antivirus subscriptions, you will have to access your McAfee account. So, follow the McAfee account login steps from this article then, follow the rest of the steps. 

  • On your McAfee account page, click on the ‘Menu’ button.  
  • Hover over the ‘Products for consumer and enterprise’ tab and expand its options. 
  • On this list, you will have all the amazing McAfee products, choose the one that is the best for your device and requirement. 
  • Next to the selected subscription, click on the ‘Buy Now’ tab. 
  • On the new page, provide the required details such as:
    • First and Last Name
    • Name of the State 
    • Email Address
  • Click on the ‘Review all the details’ tab and go through the chosen subscription and details to check details before confirming. 
  • Then, read the ‘Auto-Renewal Policy’ and click on the ‘Agree’ button. 
  • Similarly, go through the ‘Privacy policy’ and then tap on the ‘Agree’ button.  
  • After reading the ‘License Agreement’, click on the ‘Place My Order’ tab. 
  • To complete buying the McAfee subscription, enter the ‘Payment details’. 

Once you have successfully bought the McAfee subscriptions, the antivirus tool will actively take care of your device. To make any changes, you must access the McAfee login screen.   

McAfee Login Problems & solutions

Even after following the correct way to access your McAfee account, you may not be able to log in to your McAfee account. McAfee users often face login problems due to technical, server, password, and browser problems. But, don’t fret! We will discuss everything that you must know to deal with any McAfee login problem.

At first, let us take you through some of the common McAfee antivirus login issues: 

  1. McAfee login password cannot be changed as the master password reset feature is disabled. 
  2. McAfee com login page has expired. 
  3. Browser is bouncing you back to the McAfee livesafe login page again and again. 
  4. McAfee password is showing incorrect as the changed password is not updated. 
  5. Windows Firewall or any other antivirus tool is hindering the McAfee login process. 

Wondering what to do when you are facing issues when logged in to your McAfee account? Read the quick and effective troubleshooting tips and get rid of McAfee Login issues permanently:  

  1. If the web browser is outdated, download a new version from the ‘Menu’ list and start afresh. 
  2. Try to retrieve your password for McAfee livesafe account from the ‘Forgot Password’ link. 
  3. Do not use any third-party or wrong URL for the McAfee login procedure. The correct URL is ‘home.mcafee.login’.
  4. Make sure you are entering the password with ‘Caps Lock’ Off. You can click on the ‘Show Password’ and check if you are entering the correct code.
  5. If the password cannot be reset, use the ‘True Key Master Password’ to get back to your McAfee account.

After trying all these easy fixes the McAfee login problem will surely be resolved. 

By the end of the detailed guide on how to manage McAfee accounts, your new antivirus account will be created, and you will be able to manage your account easily as well. The McAfee login issues will also disappear as you now know how to deal with them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to McAfee Login

Open a web browser in your device and then visit Official Website ( Now, click on “My Account” and then select the option of “Sign In”. In the end, input your registered email address and password and then make a click on the “Log In” button.

Visit the “” from your device and then click on the “My Account”. Now make a click on the “Forgot your email address?” option found under the “Log In” button. In the end, follow all the on-screen instructions.

Ans. Visit the “” link and then make click on “consumer” or “business” option depending on your requirement. Now, make a selection for the “My Account” option at the top right side on the new page. Click on the “McAfee my Account” option for creating a free McAfee account.

You can dial the already mentioned contact number on our website to connect with McAfee.

Open a web browser in your system or device and then visit the “” link. Now take the mouse pointer towards the “My Account” and then click on “Sign In” from the available options. Type in your registered email address and password in the required field and select the option of “Log In”. Go to the “My Account” option for making changes/updates in your McAfee account. In the end, click on the “Save” button after making the desired changes.

Visit the “” link to access your McAfee account. You can manage/view your account details, subscriptions, and access downloads through the McAfee Account.

You can find your registered McAfee account in the McAfee product itself. Just launch the McAfee product on your system/device and then make a click on the “My Info” or “Your Subscription” option. Now you will see your registered McAfee account details along with the subscription details.